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A drug detox clinic is much more than the name expresses. If you are someone who has been struggling to get out of the vicious cycle of addiction to drugs or alcohol while dealing with what may be a mental health issue, our drug rehab facility in Castle Rock, Colorado may just be the place you need to be. There are many reasons to come to our drug rehab centers. Conquering addiction on your own is nearly impossible, and will be extremely difficult. But at our Castle Rock substance abuse treatment facility, the employees are for you! Another reason is you need to get away from the everyday struggles and temptations for a while and focus on getting healthy.


The cycle of addiction is one that many have experienced, and with the help of an addiction recovery program, many have overcome. The first step to recovery is to detox. Detoxing is when your body cleanses itself of all the built up toxins from alcohol or drug use. This process is so important because it will allow you to move forward in your recovery with a clear mind and body. With an amazing team of supportive staff around you, the process will go by smoothly and as comfortably as possible.


You will also be with a community of people who want nothing but success for you. These people will become like family as they support you through the good times and the bad. They will be the reason you find yourself pushing on through the process when you feel like giving up. We also offer extended support groups. These groups will help you learn to be yourself and show your true self without fear of being judged. There is no shame, which will allow you to be open and honest with your feelings and experiences. You will get to hear the experiences of others and see that you are not alone in this process.


It is always important to be open and honest. When you have been hiding from truth for so long, true healing can only begin once you learn to face the reality of your consequences.


During your stay in our addiction recovery center in Castle Rock, you may find you are struggling with a dual diagnosis. This simply means you have the diagnosis of a mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder, while living with the addiction. Mental illnesses have always been somewhat taboo, but times are changing. With the proper treatment, you can live a healthy, productive life while managing your mental health. Since both of these diagnoses are concurrent issues, they should be treated simultaneously.


At our addiction treatment center in Castle Rock, we see you as an individual. You have a unique personality with unique strengths, struggles and experiences. This means you also need a unique treatment plan. We take our time to get to know you on an intimate level during your stay in our Castle Rock addiction recovery facility. We also take the time to put together a treatment plan that fits your needs. Our belief is that this will help you reach your goals and be the best path to fulfill your recovery. The last thing we would ever want is for you to feel like you have fallen through the cracks.


Our addiction treatment facility in Castle Rock, Colorado is an exceptional place for you to spend time getting to rediscover yourself and heal yourself. We take great pride in the care and safety of our facility. This is so you do not need to worry about anything other than your recovery. It is so important to stay focused on yourself and your treatment. The rest of it, you can leave for us to worry about.


Addiction recovery is no easy process, but it is simpler with a community surrounding you and motivating you. Put your health first, and let us help. All you have to do is say yes to treatment. Say yes to recovery. Say yes to life.