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As a full-service addiction treatment facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, we are dedicated to providing those struggling with addiction the support and help they need to successfully pursue rehabilitation. Baron Institute drug rehab centers operate on the principle of compassion for our clients and complete commitment to their well-being. Don’t hesitate to reach out to get the assistance you need to address substance abuse in your life, or a loved one’s.  


When a person’s entire future depends on the outcome of their rehabilitation, it’s essential for everyone involved to give their best effort to ensure positive results. Our trained staff members understand that participating in an addiction recovery program can be one of the hardest, yet most important, decisions in a person’s life. Our staff is ready to support clients from the moment they step through our doors until they are completely done with their program.


Individual Assessment and Treatment

One of the ways we go above and beyond for clients at our Lafayette addiction recovery facility is by customizing every person’s treatment to match their personal history and current situation. We believe a responsive, tailored treatment strategy is much more effective than the average therapy. Getting to know clients and connecting with them on a personal level allows our counselors to develop a firm understanding of their needs.


We also follow a dual diagnosis screening and treatment policy at our addiction recovery center in Lafayette. Mental health disorders that have not been properly diagnosed and treated can cause severe problems during the rehabilitation process. They can interfere with therapies and prevent clients from getting the full value out of their effort.


Our staff counselors and therapists take note of client behavior and details discussed in conversation to identify possible cases of dual diagnosis. We are prepared to help those with an underlying mental health concern seek appropriate treatment from a professional. Managing these conditions is a vital part in the recovery process and can provide a lot of relief for those who were drawn to addictive substances as a form of self-medication.


The First Step: Getting Sober

Getting the harmful toxins out of your body is always the first step in the rehabilitation process and can be one of the most challenging parts of it. We address this problem at our addiction treatment center in Lafayette by offering monitored detoxification services to those who need to get rid of the chemicals in a safe, calm, and clean environment.


Those who take advantage of this service benefit from the supervision of seasoned staff members who can offer words of encouragement and check for signs of complications. Suddenly stopping an addiction at home can have health consequences and carry a substantial risk of relapse. Our drug detox clinic in Lafayette is where they can benefit from our experience and resources.


Wholesome Therapeutic Activities to Address Addiction

Clients at our substance abuse treatment facility in Lafayette participate in a wide range of activities that are geared towards facilitating recovery. This includes physical exercise and fitness sessions, as well as relaxation therapy through meditation and yoga. Please contact us to learn more about any of our specific therapy options or if you have any questions regarding our center’s specific services.


All of the program participants at our Lafayette drug rehab facility take part in frequent group therapy sessions where they listen to others and share their own thoughts with the community. These meetings are a great place to connect with other people who can provide an extra source of information, motivation and accountability. Coming together as a community to discuss the struggles and rewards of rehabilitation is a particularly powerful resource for those who lack a receptive audience elsewhere.


Our drug rehab center in Lafayette, Louisiana also offers aftercare solutions for those who have already finished their addiction recovery treatment. Clients can return regularly or occasionally as needed to participate in the community and speak with counselors to help them stay on the right track.


Your new life is in reach, call Baron Institute today to set up a free consultation.