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Our drug rehab center in Little Rock, Arkansas offers its clients a comprehensive substance abuse experience to aid them in their drug recovery. From detox, through therapy and until aftercare, our substance abuse treatment facility in Little Rock gives our clients a chance to get sober as well as the opportunity to start a new life drug-free.


The first step remains the most important aspect of any journey. The first step in drug abuse treatment is to admit that you have a problem. Once you have passed that hurdle, the real effort can begin. Let us help you gain a better life through sobriety.


Why Choose our Addiction Treatment Center?

Once you have admitted to yourself that you need addiction recovery, you’ll need an excellent addiction recovery center. Once you put your trust in our Little Rock addiction recovery center, you can get started on the path to recovery. We will begin with withdrawal at our drug detox clinic.


Drug Detox

Our addiction treatment facility in Little Rock, can help you through the tough time of drug detox. Many choose not to stop using their drug of choice because they don’t think they are strong enough to go through detox. Some individuals have tried to go through detox alone with negative results.


It takes the body a while to get used to being without the chemical upon which it has become dependent. Expect detox to take at least several days, depending on which drug you’ve been using and how long you have been using it.


Please be aware that while these feelings are normal for the process. Our skilled staff can help you remove the unwanted chemicals from your system with as little discomfort as possible. Our highly-trained staff has the experience and knowledge needed to help you get through detox safely. Don’t take chances with the process. Make the safe choice by detoxing at our Little Rock drug rehab facility.


Safe and Secure Treatment and Counseling

Our addiction treatment facilities offer the latest methods of addiction treatment, namely, dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis allows the client and our team to diagnose any underlying issues that may be contributing to the drug addiction. For instance, some people have depression that has gone undiagnosed and untreated. Chronic depression remains a miserable way to live life.


If you are self-medicating pain, depression, bipolar disorder or any other disorder, get a team of professionals like those at our facility to diagnose both your mental, physical and addiction problems. People with a dual diagnosis tend to get off drugs and stay off them for the long-term more successfully.


Individual and Group Counseling: Find Your Safe Place

Group and individual counseling are the foundations of our Little Rock addiction recovery center. Please use the time you spend in individual counseling to take a thorough look at yourself and to make positive plans for the future. Group counseling allows you to build a support team with other clients suffering from addiction. You will develop a community of support in your group when you learn to speak openly and honestly about your program and your drug addiction. Both individual and group counseling are designed to meet your specific needs and help you get well.


Addiction Recovery Facility Aftercare

When your program is worked honestly, and with integrity, you will be ready to discharge and go into your daily life once again. Our addiction recovery program in Little Rock, Arkansas continues after discharge. You will be ready to go into a new life soberly and successfully.