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Addiction is a particularly challenging affliction to overcome. In part, this is because it is so closely related to the individual. As a direct result, every addiction is unique, because it builds off the unique character of the individual who is struggling with substance abuse. At MFR Recovery in Shorewood, Illinois, we provide effective treatment for addiction by recognizing this facet of addiction and applying treatment accordingly. It is for this reason that we provide customized addiction recovery plans to each and every client who enters our drug rehab facility, rather than providing every client with a singular, standardized plan.


In order to accomplish this feat, which requires that we know many details regarding each individual client, you’ll begin your time at MFR Recovery by taking part in an intake interview. During this interview, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will ask you a series of questions. These questions will cover a number of different topics, with an overall focus on you and your experience with substance abuse, including the nature of your habit and the duration of use. You may also be asked questions about your personal history, as well as any history of drug abuse that your family might possess.


It is of paramount importance that you are honest, both with the staff and with yourself, during the intake interview. This is because the questions that you are asked will furnish us with the information we require to contrive a personalized addiction recovery treatment plan for you. We know from experience that better understanding an individual client is key to providing effective treatment. By providing us with the requested information, you’ll be giving our experts the data they need to build your customized recovery plan for you. A “one size fits all” plan simply won’t cut it! Our clients enjoy a much higher rate of success in recovery thanks to our customized plans.


Roughly half of our clients are dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their addiction. We’re able to provide these clients with the necessary support to reach recovery thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With dual diagnosis, we can ensure that the client is treated for both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder whilst they are staying with us here at our Shorewood, Illinois drug rehab clinic. This provides the client with a much better chance at maintaining recovery goals, since they will not continue to be subjected to the symptoms of the co-occurring mental health disorder after they’ve left MFR Recovery.


Speaking of leaving MFR Recovery, we always craft a customized aftercare plan for clients who graduate from our addiction recovery program. This allows us to increase the likelihood of success our clients enjoy, in addition to ensuring that the client recognizes that we’ll be within reach for the entirely of the recovery process.


When you’re ready to face addiction and come out ahead, we’re here to provide you with our support. Get in touch today and learn how MFR Recovery can help you reach the goals you set for recovery!